Since 29. April 2016 we are certified by the ÖKOPROFIT project which is an energy and waste management system.  It is supported by the German ministry of nature conservancy. Until February 2016 already 1806 companies were certified by ÖKOPROFIT and more than 8000 arrangements to save the environment were realized. This saved more than 72 million Euro of water, waste, energy and CO2.

In june 2016 our work was honored with the german award “Sonderpreis für kunststoffverarbeitende Betriebe beim Energieinnovationspreis NRW“  (energy-innovation-award). Please find our report at Plasticker.

As a member of the BVSE (German association of secondary raw materials and disposal) we are able to revert to a huge network of waste management companies and plastic recyclers. Currently we are in the process of certification.

Please find our licensed disposal codes under this link.

Member of the bvse